during our corona quarantaine


Everything was locked, restaurants, shops, businesses, (sports and other) schools, airports and country borders. And that had an impact on everyone, including my eighteen-year-old daughter.

She was going to celebrate her last 100-days in high school this year, her rhetoric ball, the end-of-year trip... Thousands of nice plans. And then suddenly, evertything went up in smoke. For some people a luxury problem, but as a seniors student 'not amused'. She's not a drama queen - luckily! - and she loves being creative. 

After schoolwork, netflix and some recreational sports there was a need for something more. Something fun, a small project, maybe creating little gems... for friends and peers...

The product was clear and so was the target group, a teens-budget-friendly jewelry line of necklaces and arm- and foot straps. Very accessible... selling via instagram. 

We brainstormed about a name and 'MIO jewelry' was born. I designed her logo, she had a clear idea of the look'n feel. 

She takes the product pics herself and I guide her where necessary. I'm allowed to do the shoot of the models (herself and her sister), with a lot of enthusiasm... of course! 

Explore her collection here