3 colours highlighted

Which colour fits your corporate identity

Blue refers to clarity, dignity, status and power. It is one of the most widely used colors in logos and has a businesslike appearance.

This color of confidence it is also an excellent choice for campaigns that have to do with health. Just think of the toothpastes Oral-B, Aquafresh, Sensodyne. These all have blue in their branding. There are also many other niches that sell health and fitness products.

Despite all its useful applications, blue does not work well in the food industry. There are few natural foods that contain blue and as such the colour has no connection with food, hunger or food. If you sell food products, stay away from blue.

With its strong links to safety and trust, dark blue becomes a great option for companies trading in professional sectors.

In other words, blue should not be underestimated when used in your marketing campaigns. It has strong psychological effects that clearly refer to buying decisions. If you want to increase confidence, use blue (with white) on your landing pages.


Orange is the colour of feast and abundance. It generates energy and enthusiasm. In a logo, colour attracts people's attention.

Green refers to fertility, peace and nature. And also to growth. It gives peace and quiet.