the country house or the experience store

Meet your audience

Recently I went for a short winter break in the direction of Curacao. And when you say Curacao, you immediately think of sun, snow-white beaches and Blue Curacao, right? A visit to the famous distillery was also on my program.

The traditional way

In Chobolobo you'll find the country house where the 'blue stuff' is brewed, together with a horde of other tourists you get to hear, see and taste the history. A ticket for the guided tour, cocktail at the end included. Deal. All the traditional way. Because you want to see it anyway. But honestly, not really my cup of tea.

The bleu experience

A little later we went to Willemstad, I was triggered by several things, from the 'swinging old lady' aka the Queen Emmabridge you can already spot 'The Blue Experience', against a soft pink facade, a side window in a small street, a fancy shop window... I wanted to see this. An experience store where also the whole story is told, but in an urban way.
A kind of exhibition, experience space with flavour tasting table, posters, totems, games for children and young people, stills with info, you name it... 
You end up in a container where you can buy the divine potion, after which you end up in the fancy bar where you can - obviously - drink cocktails and have a snack. In short, this is my thing.

The target group

This experience store is especially meant for cruise travellers who stop for half a day on the island and don't have the time to go to the country house, stroll in the city but also need to be approached. This way, also they can taste the whole story as well.