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These graphic trends will be hot for 2019.

Duotones and color gradients

This trend is not only unique for graphic design, you can also find it in web design and logo design. Experts predict that the gradients will usually be two-color soon. It looks pretty interesting and fascinating.

Bold fonts

In recent years we have seen many bold fonts and bold fonts have become the norm. This bold font makes it easy to read the text on feeds from social media and on mobile devices. It also exudes power, innovation and individuality. The bold font is also often the supporting partner for the other design elements. But this year it'll be the most important point of many graphic images. Especially if your image only has a few seconds to attract the reader's attention.


In 2019, designers will combine fonts with negative space, but it is important to remember that you do not sacrifice your message to experiment with font combinations. Your words must be easy to read and your design must be logical. 

Vivid colors

Vibrant color combinations, as well as dreamy color transitions, remain trendy in 2019, only more vivid. Because they give a futuristic feel to the overall design, these color schemes will give you the feeling that you are in an alternative universe. The use of futuristic colors to create enchanting out-of-the-world designs really appeals to the designer's imagination and offers plenty of room for improvisation.

Realism + flat design elements

Did you know that opposites attract? Graphic designers have always combined and mixed complementary trends to attract attention. But when it comes to creating something that is truly innovative and unexpected, designers now prefer to experiment with an unconventional mix of techniques, styles or in this case - dimensions. Real-life objects in combination with completely flat visual elements. This too is one of the graphic design trends 2019.