Simplicity is key

A logo with impact?


The importance of a well-designed, professional looking logo cannot be underestimated, so here my top 5 tips for creating a logo with impact.


Fight the temptation to imitate. We all have our brand heroes and you might feel motivated to imitate their style, but wonder if it really suits your business. Your brand has a unique personality, so it makes sense to choose a unique logo.


A logo should be scalable and easy to reproduce so that it can adapt to any size, colour or copy. This means that the logo can be used in different spaces (square, horizontal rectangular and portrait rectangular).
Also make sure that the logo remains recognizable in different variations. Always make a strong diapositive version (black and white version), so that your logo is usable and recognizable on every background color.


As a long-term investment, your company logo should reflect the values and visions of your company. Let the logo match your company.
A good logo ensures that even someone who doesn't know your company yet immediately feels the atmosphere, radiates warmth and softness or rather cool business acumen.


Built-in continuity is a good idea. A solid logo should be able to last for a while. Changing your logo every two years is not only expensive, but also at the expense of the recognisability of your company. Make sure your logo is as timeless as possible.

Part of a bigger picture

A logo never stands alone, but is part of a house style or identity. Everything has to be right and fit together: the colours, layout, atmosphere and use of images.

Still not sure if your logo accurately represents your company? No problem.
Let us look at it together and we'll work on it until you have a logo design you can be proud of.

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